Be Mindful and Move Over to Roadside Drivers

Most drivers have no idea what they are supposed to do when they see workers on the side of the highway. To that point, the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition released information that shows 200 of these workers are losing their lives each year being struck by motorists.

Mason Dixon Polling & Research conducted a survey that shows nearly 71 of the drivers in America don't even know what the Move Over law is. More shocking, all 50 states now have a Move Over law in their books. The law could not be any simpler, if you are driving on a highway and see roadside workers, slow the vehicle, move over to a lane further away from the workers, and maintain that slow speed until you have safely passed the area they are working.

The team at Bluebonnet Motors hopes we can help bring awareness and inform more drivers about the Move Over law.

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