Plan for a Road Trip Properly with Some Travel Tips

Don't make that road trip without taking the time to carefully plan for things that could go wrong during your trip. Here are a few things to consider before packing up and heading out on that journey unprepared, straight from our team at Bluebonnet Motors:

  • Plan on bringing a box with assorted tools that just might get the disabled car moving again. Duct tape can repair leaking hoses, and fix-a-flat can get a flat tire off the ground enough so you can make your way to a service station safely.
  • Road flares or flashlights can be used to signal other drivers that your car is disabled or get someone to pull over to help.
  • Bringing a gallon of antifreeze helps to get the motor started safely again after it over-heats.
  • Pack a bag of blankets, snacks, and drinks, to keep passengers comfy if stranded.

Stop at our New Braunfels, TX showroom and we can provide your car a full road-trip inspection before you leave for your holiday vacation!

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